Silk Painting

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Painting the Tree of Life


1. Materials you will require 
2. Painting the Background 
3. Painting the Tree of Life 
4. Fixing the dye to the silk 
5. Finished Tree of Life 

Painting the trunk and surface roots
In another bowl, mix one teaspoon of cobalt with six teaspoons of water. If you have any colours left over from your background level 1 and level 2, just mix equal parts of these together to create a new shade of blue. Just above half way your trunk and roots will be drawn and later you will paint the branches above this. Use a thin brush and draw the outlines of the trunk and roots. The left outlines should resemble the capital letter "J" with the bottom of the "J" being swept out to a fine line. Break the line of the "J" rather than painting a hard line as this can look quite severe. The right outline should resemble a near mirror image of the left outside broken line. Continue working within these outline lines using downstrokes and sweeping motions out and breaking the line.
Painted view of the trunk and surface roots

Painting the Branches
Continue using the dye with the sixth strength of cobalt blue. Using a fine brush, paint out curved horizontal lines to resemble branches.

Adding Depth
Now mix in a bowl one teaspoon of cobalt with one teaspoon of water. Using a fine brush, paint the darker blue beside the lines already existing. Try and balance out the shade.
Now using the full strength of cobalt and a fine brush, paint a few more darker lines in the tree. Try and balance out the shades. Using broken lines is often quite effective.

Painted view of the trunk and branches

Finished Tree
Leave your Tree of Life for half an hour before checking it again. If it looks good, then leave it alone. You may want to add an extra line or two to balance out the effect. Leave the scarf to dry completely before detaching it from the frame. Preferably steam immediately or keep in a dry place until you are ready to fix the dye. If you are waiting to complete other scarves, then you could roll the scarf in the calico and sit it in the steam container until you are ready to steam. See the next instructions for this.

Congratulations! You have now completed painting your own impression of the Tree of Life.
Completed Tree

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