Silk Painting

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Materials for Silk Painting


1. Materials you will require 
2. Painting the Background 
3. Painting the Tree of Life 
4. Fixing the dye to the silk 
5. Finished Tree of Life 

The frame should be slightly larger than the silk you are going to paint. You can purchase a ready made frame or for a fraction of the price, make your own. To make your own frame, purchase one length of wood at least 2cm in width and measure lengths. Secure with butterfly screws in each corner. Ensure the butterfly screws are rust proof.

Secure the silk onto the frame using the claws with one at each of the four corners, then two along the width and four down the length.

Use any standard dyes. These days, many dyes do not require the process of being fixed to the silk. Instructions are given below to fix the dye to the silk if this is needed. Read the instructions first.
Brushes: There are a variety of brushes to use. Japanese soft bristle brushes can hold a large amount of dye.

To fix dye to silk using the steaming method
Wok and Stand
You can find this in most shops selling Chinese homewares.

Wok Steamer Container
You can find this in most shops selling Chinese homewares.

Fabric to roll silk in
You can use newspaper for this, but calico or any fine cotton fabric can be washed and used again.

Fabric to line Steamer
As above, you can use newspaper, calico or fine cotton.

Alumninium lining for Steamer
You may need to join to pieces of aluminium to cover the base and top of the steamer.

Wok with base assembled

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