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The Serious

NSW Police Service 
Fire Protection Association Australia 
NSW Fire Brigades 
Sydney Water 
Australian Wind Energy Association 
Landcare Australia  
National Parks, NSW 
NRMA Insurance and car fixes
Crikey dot com Australian polly stuff
Skeptics Australia  Investigating pseudo-science and the paranormal. From a responsible scientific viewpoint
Not Good Enough  Australian. Monitor consumer concerns about products, services and events.
The Edge  USA Explore the minds of the intellectural thinkers, scientists, psychologists, historians etc etc.
Dilbert  Comic relief especially for nerds.

The Not So Serious

Burkes Backyard  From Channel 9 and Don Burke
Better Homes and Gardens  From Channel 7
Biography From Annie Oakley, to Castro, to Hitchcock and of course all the movie stars.
Fabulous Food 
How the Pope is chosen  From Time Magazine
The British Monarchy 
Rules for Playing 500 
Sheet Music Archive  
Virtual Tourist 

The Hilarious

Instument Jokes from the Strings and Drums
The Cartoon Gallery Sydney
The Onion USA news satire for the over 18's
Wacky Uses USA Discover more than one use for household items
Olsommer  USA Dancing Pollies. Takes ages to load but if you are really nasty its worth it.
News of the Weird 
Disturbing Auctions 
Good Quotes