Computers - Web Design and Graphics

This Computers - Web Design page covers areas for web design and web programming and graphics and animation. Also check out Computers General - E-learn section for more tutorials.

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Web Assistance

Internic Register Domain
Microsoft Web Resources Kit 

Xenu Link Check  Freebee. Download file, install, then enter the URL to check links on the page.
Incompetech Emphasises CONTENT to be focus of the web page and not the flashy stuff.


Web Programming

HTML Goodies USA Joe Burns great site
W3C World Wide Wed Consortium. All you need to know about tables.
W3Schools Tutorials on web programming including HTML, SQL, Java, .NET
Develop Mentor  Commercial site, but they do have some free basic programming tutorials
Web Style Guide  Some good tips

The Scripts  Tutorials for all scripting on the web: Perl, MYSQL, Cold Fusion, ASP, PHP, MivaScript.
Intranet Journal  PHP Index
Web Reference  various tutorials
The JavaScript Planet  various scripts
The Flashkit  includes tutorials for flash and uptodate macromedia products
Epigrams in Programming Quotes from Alan J Perlis, Yale University, Department of Computer Science.

Connections to Databases

Database Journal  Introduction to JDBC
Database Journal  Tutorials for database on the web: MySql, Oracle, PHP, Scripts etc
SQL Course  Beginners and intermediate levels. Includes pages on PHP, Oracle, DB2, Access, Scripts and Forums.
Short guide to SQL Sakari Mattiala, Canberra University

Java Tutorials  various tutorials from Sun
Java - The Source for Developers  by Sun. JDBC: establish connection with DB; SQL statements; processing results
Java - The Source for Developers  by Sun. Tutorials; Learning to use JDBC API
Introduction to JDBC  Standford University



Cool Text  build images free
Animation Factory  great animations
Adeveloper  free for non-commercial use
Smart Draw  Flowcharts, Org charts, Networks, Forms, Floor Plans, Time Lines, Presentations.....
Whats wrong with this picture? Take a break and get scared.
Media Builder Includes graphics, clipart and animation. MediaBuilder and Animation Factory are owned by Open Source Development Network, Inc. ("OSDN").

Spinwave - image crunch crunch images for web view
Free Graphics plus crunch gifs and jpegs plus tutorials
Free gifs and animations   includes web design information
Webpromotion gifs
Microsoft's Design Gallery Live Search available for many images
Wow Web Designs 
Eyetricks Optical Illusions and eye tricks you can do