This Computers - Search Engine page lists search engines and finding the right one for you.

Search Engines and Portals | Selecting the right Search Engine

Search Engines and Portals

Anzwers  ozemail's search engine
Web Wombat Australian
Altavista USA    Altavista OZ
ninemsn USA    ninemsn OZ
Yahoo! USA     Yahoo! OZ&NZ
Hotbot   USA now within Lycos
Lycos global, Terra Lycos started Sth America.  Provides online guides to locate and filter info on Internet.
google USA uses PageRank & text-matching, good for older computers

iHug Australian ISP, mainly commercial results
Excite USA good brief on sites found in searches, options for countries and domains. Includes Web Crawler brands
Web Crawler USA Part of Excite Network, option to display summary
Ask Jeeves  USA, results are generated through multiple methods - from hand-selected answers to results delivered using state-of-the-art search technology
Go To  USA, Part of Walt Disney Internet Group WDI


Selecting the right Search Engine

Multiple Search Engines - A Comparison   UK, Librarian Phil Brady, plus other IT information modules.
Meta-Search Engines  USA Berkeley Teaching Library - How to choose the best search engine for your purpose
Search Engines Watch Tips on how to get your site listed on search engines and up in the rank.

DMOZ  USA an Open Directory Project producing a directory of the web, by relying on volunteer editors.
Zeal  USA Zeal is a community of volunteer editors building a Web directory.
Search Engines World Wide Japan, select country to access their national search engines