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This Computers - Networking page covers areas in networking and learning the Microsoft qualification MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. Also check out Computers General - E-learn section for more tutorials.

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Internet, Network and Operating System Information

Microsoft Knowledge Base Microsoft Application errors and how to rectify the problem.
Microsoft Windows 2000  Home page
Microsoft Windows 2003  Home page
Microsoft Compatability Hardware List 
ActiveWin: Win2000 W2K information
Annoyances Fixing Windows annoyances
Sysinternals Freeware Advertised by MS
CNet USA/Global CNET, ZDNet, mySimon, Learn computers, Internet, technology.
ZDNet help  USA/Global owned by Nasdaq: CNET IT information for professionals
Tucows  USA e-business services
Search Networking Part of TechTarget Network

Marconi From their e-learning page they have exellent LAN and WAN Tutorials
Networks (Cisco)   Great site for Network basics
Cisco's Documentation  the full list
Protocols Full list and where to use them
IANA - Numbers Internet Assigned Numbers Authority - plus info on protocols, ports and parameters.
Bob Cerelli   Networking section.
No-IP  For your internal IP Address.
Network Computing Good information and editorials Some free downloads. Information on installation, deployment and product reviews.
Main Index CIE Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia. Info on how internet works, protocols, DNS etc and many Request for Comments (RFC)



Help understand VLSM (Variable Length Subnet Masks) networks and CIDR (Classless Inter Domain Routing) used to route packets on the Internet Backbone.

Learn to Subnet Excellent video tutorial.
Subnet on-line Good info.
FreeSoft CIE Course notes on Subnetting, CIDR plus quizzes.
WRQ - Support IP Addressing Calculator
Networking Stuff by Keith Sinclair Australia. Includes basic notes and excellent IP Subnetting Tables.
Linux Journal Basics of IP Subnetting. Good for the beginner.

IP Address Subnetting Tutorial by Ralph Becker. Excellent information subnetting, bitwise logic, and tables for subnetmask with number of subnets and hosts.
IP Addresses, Subnet Masks & Subnetting by Stuart Shay. Good diagrams.
IP Subnetting, Variable Subnetting, and CIDR (Supernetting)  by Graham Toal. Explanation on subnetting especially for the beginner, and tables for subnetmask with number of subnets and hosts.
Computer Networking  by Bradley Mitchell. Part of "What you need to know About" Tutorials. Good for the beginner.
IP Subnetting Made Easy by A Willis. Good explanations throughout each step.


MCSE and Related Information and Study Guides

Microsoft Technet
Microsoft Training & Services
Microsoft MCP Magazine 
Microsoft Windows 2000 Magazine
Microsoft Press  Press releases
Certguide  Exam Guides

CBT Nuggets Freebee videos on Cisco CCNA, A+, Networking, MCSE, MOUS, MCSD, Linux Series.
Lab Mice - Windows 2000
Cert Times Exam Guides
MSCE Brain Dumps
Prometric The place to book your exam!! Good Luck!


MCSE Practise Exams

Most exams are free, however you have to register for most of them.

Measure Up
Cert Yourself
Exam Simulators
Testprep - Tech Skills

Tech Exams
Mikes Freetest
Exam notes
Cert Tutor