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Short Stories and Poems by Lesley Mellor, Sydney

Bar Mitzah   Short Story
Lament   Poem
Last Trace   Poem
Travelling Folke  A collection of poems for small folke

Writing Hints

Sydney Writers Festival  Held about May each year.
Kairos  Texas Tech Uni, journal for web writer
Web Writing   Research on web readers
It's all Communication NY, K Vivian, info for writers.
Internet information sources for Australian Journalists 
Writers' Studio  OZ, Articles about writing Techniques
Children's Books


Dictionaries and Thesauruses

Merriam-Webster  USA includes wordgames
Dictionary  Lexico USA,  includes reference tools, links to writing, grammar
Encyclopedia  includes history, and DOB of the famous.
All Words USA includes discussion groups, crosswords etc.


Australian Bookshops & Publishers

ABC Shop   oz
Collins Bookshop  oz
Angus & Robertson Bookshop  oz
Dymocks Bookshop  oz
Coop Bookshop  oz
Allen and Unwin  oz
Penguin  oz
Random House  oz
Adyar  Clarence St, Sydney
Abbeys Bookshop York St, Sydney
Gleebooks  Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney
Duffy and Snellgrove  Potts Point, Sydney, OZ - biography, crime, poetry,
Bookworm  Australian on-line bookshop
BookFound  You are emailed with the results of the search and quote for the price of the book.



Educating Shakespeare   USA His schooling days and Elizabethan Education
All Shakespeare   USA Part of Enotes. They are designed to be used by students and educators alike. Plays, Sonnets, Festivals
Shakespeare.com UK everything Shakespeare:  reviews,  festivals throughout the UK, music to sonnets, queries etc.
Shakespeare 4 kidz UK publishes "Put on a Play Pack" one-stop kit for schools and youth groups


Virginia Woolf

International Virginia Woolf Society USA promotes readers and scholars of VW
Pace University Press  book reviews
Psychiatric History   Scotland,  by Malcolm Ingram, retired Psychiatrist. VW health and personality, download material.
VW Book binding  USA Washington State University.  VW Book Bindings providing an insight into her personal tastes, and literary interests  (sort this lot out MI)
Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?  USA 1966 film staring  Liz & Rich.  Homepage  Filmsite USA Hollywood Classics reviewed by Tim Dirk - great site
Orlando Critic paper by Kelly Tetterton, Annual VW Conference Otterbein 1995
VW & Doris Lessing Similarities  NZ, Otago Uni, Lynda Scott Paper
VW sites   USA Clemson University Links to many VW Sites


Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens  Finnish, Uni Helskinki, Ritva Raesmaa, Retired Libarian, loads links including:  critic, genealogical table Dickens House Museum London UK Virtual tour, history of house, events, links
e-Charles Dickens    e-books to read from Classic Bookshelf.  Home page Classic Bookshelf


Lord Bryon

Bryon   UK, English History, Life and work, bib, cronology of life
Byron   USA, Paper by Andre Maurois, NY
Lord Byron  USA? compiled by Connie Beck, poems, list published works,  links
Crede Bryon UK, Author wont give name, great site with bib, poems, Newstead Abbey, Vampires and the cult
Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace  USA, Agnes Scott College, Dr Betty Toole Paper.  Ada, daughter LB, Mathematician.


Ruth Park

Ruth Park - A Celebration  National Library of Australia, tributes and critics edited by Joy Hooton