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Walk three - Five Ways to Trumper Park Loop

Five Ways is the intersection of these streets: two of Glenmore Rd, Broughton St, Heeley St and Goodhope St. From Five Ways walk down Goodhope St visit the gallery which is only a couple of houses/shops down the hill.

Sherman Galleries Goodhope  16-18 Goodhope St Paddington ph 9331 1112   Contemporary Australian and International art exhibition space and sculpture garden.

Return to Five Ways for the next gallery. Walk half way around the Round About for the next gallery beside the Royal Hotel.

Baker Galleries Paddington 241 Glenmore Rd ph 9331 1195    Dealers in fine art.

Cross to the other side of Glenmore Road and walk down the hill to the next galleries along Glenmore Road.

Inyaka African Art Gallery 264 Glenmore Rd corner with Hoddle St Paddington ph 9361 0295    Traditional African art and artefacts, ethnic jewellery and textiles
Brian Moore Gallery 294 Glenmore Rd ph 9380 7100 email: Australian contemporary painting and sculpture
Charles Hewitt 300 Glenmore Rd (entrance Lawson Lane) Paddington ph 9565 2050 email:    Antiquarian prints: botanical, architectural. Contemporary art and photography. Decorative and gilded framing, art restoration.

Continue down the hill to the roundabout intersecting Cascade St and Hampden Sts. Cross over the road and walk ahead into Hampden St with Trumper Park Oval on your left. Walk along Hampden St and turn left into Roylston St for the next gallery. Trumper Park Oval will now be ahead of you.

Australian Galleries 15 Roylston St Paddington ph 9360 5177 email:   Contemporary Australian paintings, sculputre and tapestry

Walk back down Roylston St to Hampden St and turn left and walk down a couple of blocks (over Cecil St) to the corner with Soudan Lane. Turn right into Soudan Lane for the next gallery.

Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery Soudan Lane (off 27 Hampden St) Paddington ph 9331 1919 email:   Contemporary Australian and international art, sculpture, photography, installation, video

Walk back to Hamden St and turn left and walk along until you reach Cecil St. Turn left into Cecil St for the next gallery.

Kaliman Gallery  10 Cecil St Paddington ph 9357 2273 email:   Contemporary Australian Art

Walk up the stairs with Hampden St behind you. Turn left into Sutherland Ave and walk along the "Ave" with the back of the residents' courtyards and garages on your right. At the first intersection turn right into Elizabeth St. Walk up to the next corner and continue straight ahead over Sutherland St to view the next gallery. You may stop for refereshments at the "Four in Hand" pub on the corner opposite the gallery.

Oceanic Arts Australia 64 Elizabeth St cnr Sutherland St Paddington ph 9328 2512    Tribal art and artefacts from New Guinea,Pacific, Aboriginal Australian and SE Asia

Walk along Sutherland Ave with Oceanic Arts Australia behind you on your left to view the next gallery.

Gitte Weise Gallery 56 Sutherland St Paddington ph 9360 2659 email:   Contemporary Australian and international artists

Continue down Sutherland St to the end turn left up Cascade St then right into Gurner St and walk to the intersection of Gurner St with Cambridge St and Norfolk St to view the following art galleries and interests.

Wagner Art Gallery 39 Gurner St cnr Norfolk St Paddington   Specialists in Fine Art.
Marlene Antico Fine Arts 38b Gurner St Paddington - cnr Cambridge St ph 9380 7088 email: Australian emerging artists

Continue along Gurner St with Wagner Gallery on your left, until you reach Five Ways. Refreshment stops at Five Ways include Royal Hotel, Gusto Cafe, among other cafes. You can return to Circular Quay on bus 389. Alternatively you can continue with walk one in reverse back to Oxford St.