Shazbeige - About Us

Purpose of Shazbeige

The Shazbeige website intends to list useful links to avoid the hours spent on searching from any of the topics available. The topics containing the links are the headings at the top of each page: arts, computers, writing, finance etc.

The exception from a links only page, is the Paddo and Surry Hills walks pages that take you through the streets of Paddington and Surry Hills in Sydney, Australia. Each walk lists local businesses and galleries offering sales of fine art, antiques, handcrafted furniture, individually designed jewellery and fashion.

What the pages focus on: Sydneysiders, Australians or Global

The topics all have global links but some have more of a focus on one area than the other.

More focus for Sydneysiders and visitors to Sydney:
    Paddo Walks, Surry Hills Walks, Sydney Meanders
More focus for Australians:
    News and Finance
More focus for Globetrotters:
    The Arts - Fine Arts, Aboriginal Art, Craft, Photography, Writing, Fashion
    Reference - useful for everyday use in finding people, companies, places, street maps.
    Search engine
    Not the news

Evolution of Shazbeige

Shazbeige website started in 1998 as a personal project by Sharon Brown to assist her in learning HTML and developing websites. The topics are mainly her interests and what she needs for everyday work and business.

Layout of Pages

Links open within the same page:
    from the Shazbeige internal links listed on top border
    from Shazbeige Home and About Us pages
Links open in a new page:
    from the search engines and email links on the right of the top border
    from the main information in the center of the page
    from the books listed on the left of each page

If you find this unsuitable, please let Shazbeige know by sending an email to or click on the email logo below.


The intention is to update the site once a month. Every effort is made to provide links to quality sites but Shazbeige is unable to take responsiblity for any of the linked sites or what information is contained on them.

Thank you for visiting Shazbeige
... enjoy ...